Thursday, 18 April 2013


So I decided to make a cake today, and I tried a different recipe from my usual one, and in all honestly it didn't turn out great. I think I know what went wrong however, it was most probably the fact that I put it on the wrong shelf in the oven as well as the fact that I probably didn't mix the mixture up as well as I should have. I took some pictures anyway.

250g of butter and 250g of sugar in the bowl, oh yeah

250g of flourrrr (and some milk)

mix mix mix c:

split the mixture into three and added food colouring for a colourful sponge cake!

take awkward pictures in the microwave reflection while the cake is baking..yeah

tip and let it cool cos hot hot hot!

pour cream over and make it look disastrous

slice and enjoy! c:
keep baking + best wishes, 

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