Monday, 15 April 2013


If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I watched My Girl a while ago, and I loved it so much I thought that I should share it with you, and if you haven't seen it, I certainly recommend it!

The film is all that you want in a film, it focuses on children and the way they see the world, love, kindness, dealing with death and the biggest of all, friendship. It made me cry with happiness and sadness throughout and it was certainly worth the watch. My favourite quote from the film was definitely "I only surround myself with people I find intellectually stimulating." because it made me laugh a lot at the time.

An all-round cute film (image from here)
So to put it simply, I highly recommend this film especially if you like 80's/90's based films about friendship, love etc.

(Also I should be getting some non film/music related posts up soon I promise!)

Best Wishes you amazing people,

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