Thursday, 11 April 2013


Oh look, another film (I'm trying to drown myself in the feelings I swear oh god). But really, the films are getting better and better. I had already read the book prior to watching this film, and I can safely say I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. The acting, the music, the whole concept of the film was just amazing.
Emma Watson. Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller being perfect
So again. if you haven't seen this film yet GET OFF HERE AND GO WATCH IT NOW. If you have, you'll understand. So this film is basically about a young teenage boy dealing with the after affects of being abused by his aunt as a child, however we only find that out at the very end of the film. Charlie, who is played by Logan Lerman is basically a "wallflower" which is another way of saying 'the-boy-or-girl-who-sits-in-the-corner-at-a-party' and I think he did a great job playing Charlie. He's such a relatable character to most teenagers, and I think his role was portrayed beautifully throughout. Then, there's Emma Watson, playing Sam and Charlies best friend. She is beautiful in her own right, but playing Sam made her possibly the most beautiful person ever, inside and out. Finally, Ezra Miller, who played Patrick and the character that was able to focus on the hardships of dealing with being a gay person in high school. Again another flawless performance.
I think I can relate to Charlie the most though, and thank goodness I haven't gone through nearly as much as Charlie had in the book. I still think that his personality, the fact that he thought so deeply about everything, the fact that all the characters in the film turned to him for guidance shows just how much of a great person he was, and how much he didn't know it either. Everything about this film was just perfect, you could go from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds, and even the small details in the film made it ever so special. For example, just look at their bedrooms, the posters, fairy lights, even the mere typewriter, it was so simple and beautiful I JUST CAN'T.
Now now, the MUSIC in the film was exceptional. The fact that The Smiths were mentioned, and they were Charlie's favourite band, WHY SO PERFECT?! The "tunnel song" was also David Bowie - Heroes, and like Charlie, Sam and Patrick I felt infinite while watching them in the tunnel and that song playing in the background. I will also be buying the movie soundtrack simply because the music was perfect.
Simply, p e r f e c t.

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